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About Us

PPCT is a software of choice for leading businesses around the world. You and your business team can work and collaborate at the same time.

What is PPCT?

PPCT is a business digitization, automation and collboration tool. With PPCT, you dont need multiple softwares, you and your team can work as well as collaborate on PPCT. The goal of PPCT is to help you speed up decision making on your business by giving you access to tools from where you can glean insights into your business real time performance

Who We Are

PPCT is a product of Techcellent360 Global Limited, a privatey run business incorporated in Lagos, Nigeria. Since we released PPCT into the market, we have helped businesses run more smoothly, and helped them automate manual and boring tasks.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make every life, every business, every organization and every government less bureaucratic and more profitable by leveraging technology to the farthest possible extent.

Our Core Values

  • Professionalism
  • Enterprise
  • Service
  • Thorough Execution
  • Responsibility
  • Simplicity
  • 20+
  • 7+


We go the extra mile to make sure your business is completely digitized and to automate as much as process as possible.

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