To have a successful property management business after COVID 19, you need to apply multiple strategies and tactics to not only regain your momentum but come out ahead of your competitors.

After the COVID 19, the real estate market will be competitive again – you should follow some or all of these tactics spelled out to be prepared to win in your game.
Some of things you can do to stand out include:

Have a decent Logo

Before you can stand out as a real estate business, you have to make sure you build some identity in the market. One of the first things you really have to put in place is having a nice logo that represents the brand you want to build.

Your logo is a key part of your brand and when designing it you must make it simple and unique so that whenever people see it they would remember you and also identify you with the name.

There are lots of logo design tools that can assist you in doing this but it’s best if you can hire a Logo designer to get the job done for you because of the human touch he’ll be adding to it.

Develop a responsive website

There is a popular saying that says ‘if your business is not online, then that business is not a businessand this is where good website design comes in.

With the evolvement in technology in recent years, having a good looking website today is not too difficult as there are lots of resources that can help you achieve that, and a good example is WordPress. Most leading real estate companies in the U.S make use of WordPress to develop their website.

Hire a professional Photographer

How to have a successful property management business
Professional photography can make your property management business stand out from your competitors.

Selling real estate is more of what your buyer can see than what they hear – a picture speaks louder than a thousand words is more true in real estate than any other business. I strongly believe that successful property management companies don’t use scrap pictures to showcase their vacancies.

Don’t be shocked when you hear me say “hire a professional photographer”.
For your property management business to get through the finish line, you need good content, and having decent and sharp images can make you win million-dollar deals over your competitors.

Good Photos and images are super important to sit pretty well on the ladder of success in the property management business, and sending juicy Photos and images to your clients can win it all for you.

Here is the thing, you can purchase a good camera or better still, hire someone professional who can get the job done for you and it will make a great deal of difference for you in this line of business.

 Hire a good Video Editor or a motion graphic designer

To sell or rent out more properties than any of your competitors, you need to produce a lot of video contents

We now live in a world where most people don’t have the luxury of time to sit and read a content from the beginning to the end, but watching a short video that summarizes everything about what they want to purchase won’t be too difficult for your potential clients.

Your videos should be creatively short and interesting. Use your videos to highlight your offer and how it will be beneficial to the buyers.

If you are good at creating video, fine, but if you are not, it’s all good, you can hire someone who can create those video contents for you using software like Adobe Premiere or Camtasia which you can later share on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.

Employ a Digital Marketer or a Social Media Manager

How to have a successful property management business
To become a successful property management business, you need a staff dedicated to making your voice heard on social media

Gone are the days where you could only depend on one-on-one marketing, but things seem to have changed in recent years as most transactions and sales are taking place on the internet, and digitalizing your business online will go a long way in reaching your audience and achieving your targets. Having a professional digital marketer who ticks the right boxes can place your business on the map.

This individual will be the one representing you online and offline by creating awareness and campaigns for you, selling your business to the world, and making your potential clients more engaged on a daily basis.

Take Advantage of popular Social media platforms

Why worry yourself in looking for where to advertise your products when there are lots of reliable social media platforms out there where people go every now and then to get information that informs their purchase decisions.

To achieve your goals in your Real Estate business, you need to have a business page on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube channel.

Create a Facebook Page and group

Facebook is a popular social networking platform – which allows its users to post their comments, write posts, share pictures, chat live, watch short videos, post links to news, share content publicly, or among selected groups of family and friends.

You have a well designed Facebook page and tell people to like your page. By doing this, you are building a fanbase consisting of people who may eventually become your clients.

Similarly, you can run a Facebook ads campaigns to advertise your products and this is really going to help your business grow even bigger and faster.

Create a Twitter account

Twitter is a great place to build an audience and get customers

Creating a twitter account will also help your business grow and close up more lucrative deals. Learning how to use relevant hashtags is something you have to learn and implement as this will help your tweets meet your targeted audience and potentials clients.

You can share short videos of any properties you want to sell on this platform.

Speaking of using relevant hashtags in your real estate business, you can use various top relevant ones such as #RealEstate, #Realty, #HomeForSale and your tweets will become more fruitful.

Create an Instagram page

When Instagram first came into town back then, it was majorly used for sharing photos, and short videos but things seems to have changed and many brands, SME, and top organizations now use this platform to promote their brand and products.

To also enjoy from this powerful platform, just go ahead and sign-up on Instagram by going through, create an account for your business, upload your products.

 Create a YouTube channel

YouTube is a video sharing platform that allows users to create their own profile, upload video content, do video tutorials, watch videos, like, share and comment on other people’s videos.

One of the two important things to note here is that firstly, your potential clients can go to your YouTube channel and watch videos of all your properties you want to sell, their various locations, and prices. Secondly, YouTube itself will reward you financially once your channel meets up with its viewership policy. Your Real Estate Business will get additional revenue from this platform.

 Create A “Google My Business” Account

According to Google itself who defines “Google My Business as a free and easy-to-use tool for business and organizations to manage online presence across Google by verifying and editing your business information, which allows your clients find you and your business and tell them what your business is all about”.

Google My Business is free and easy to create and one of the reason why you should be creating one for your business is that whenever someone searches for your Company’s name, it will bring out all your company’s detailed information as a map and this will allow your potential clients get in-touch with you easily and makes you defeat all your other competitors in the game.

 Advertise on Google

Running a Google AdWords campaign can be a game-changer for your property management business as it will allow your company to reach out to many potential clients on the internet.

A Google Ads campaign is using a set of keywords usually searched by your potential clients to target them so that they come across your ads when they search for those targeted keywords.

You should go ahead to advertise your properties and real estate on Google ( you will pay Google for running this advert for you).

Advertise on Television and Radio Stations

Are you still surprised that with the latest paradigm shift in technology, some school of thoughts still don’t subscribe into the usage of technologies like Smart phones and the internet and they prefer to still remain local and how can your business reach-out to this group of people? Then that is why you still have to advertise your brand on Radio and Television.

How to go about it? Just look for a very popular Tv or Radio show program that people like watching or listening to and leverage on it by advertising on such a program because once people start hearing of your brand name and what your brand offers, they will surely contact you to ask about your products.

 Collaborate with top influencers

An Influencer is a person or an individual who has the power to positively affect the purchase decisions of others people, brands or organizations because of his/her reputation, authority, position, knowledge or relationship with his/her audience which he/she has actively engaged with within a particular niche.

You and I live in a world where there are lots of fraudsters going around to deceive people and take all their hard-earned money, and everyone is now trying to be a little bit more careful before entering a deal with any Real Estate business.
Hearing someone who they already know and trust speaking positively about your brand can accelerate your credibility and help you turn doubters to clients.
Examples of influencers are celebrities such as Musicians, Footballers, Artists, etc.

 Run promotions

One other important point to note is that you need to run a promo occasionally or seasonally whenever there is an upcoming event such as Christmas, Boxing day, a black Friday, etc. where you will take away some percentage or amount from the original price of your properties or services.

Records show that this tactic really works like charm as many potential clients will want to save and those who don’t want to purchase a product might give it a second thought.

 Give out gifts to people

Please don’t get me wrong when I mention giving out gifts to people. What I meant is just that you can buy T-shirts and Caps and customize them with your brand name and logo, then start distributing this to people in your target audience.

The more you do this the better for your business as this will help people know what your brand stands for and before you know it some of the people who received this material can become your potential clients.

A good example of where you can go to distribute such customized items includes a market place, school, hospitals, etc.
You could also use this avenue to get some of their details such as phone number or email address.

 Design Flyers, posters and Billboards and Business card

Do what you can to get professionally and creatively designed flyers and distribute them, look for strategic places to share your posters, and place your billboards so as to create more awareness.

Also, make sure you have a well-designed business card, let it be with you all time, and keep giving it out to your targeted audience.

 To be a successful property management business, you should Run email marketing campaigns

Email marketing is a very effective way to convert leads into sales by sending personalised Emails to targeted audience.

You can work on some of the data or information gathered through your adverts, collate those information and start sending emails to your already identified and targeted audience.

An email marketing tool such as Mailchimp can help you achieve this. One good thing about this tool is that it’s free and easy to use.

Some of the importance of email marketing is that it is cost-effective, builds credibility, increases visibility and brand awareness.

 Set-Up appropriate and several Call to Action (CTA)

In creating an Email Campaigns, always remember to set up appropriate Call to action.

A call to action is basically a statement created to get an immediate response from the individual hearing or reading it. CTA is used in business as part of a marketing tactic to get your targeted audience to respond to your action by clicking on your CTA.

Ask for Reviews or feedback

One good way to win more clients is to ask your sellers and buyers i.e. those who have already bought a product from you or sold a product to you to write feedback or review on the operation after they have completed their transaction.

A tool like Yelp can help build your reviews as a property management business which will further build your credibility and trust. Once people start seeing these reviews, it will prompt others to give you a try.

 Create a Referral System

Creating a referral system can reposition your Real Estate Business. All you need do is to offer juicy and mouth-watering incentives to your past clients to refer you to new buyers and they also will get their commission from the sales.

This system will yield more dividends for your business because the referrer knows he/she will get incentives and this will make such an individual always want to do more.

 Create a Mobile App

Smartphones have taken over the global world today and having a mobile app for your business can make you stand out in the property management Niche.
Having a mobile app that your clients can install on their phones will put you just one app away from them. They can reach you at any time, they can see all your available property listings, view all features of your properties, and contact you.

Practically everyone uses a smartphone and the majority of transactions happen through this medium so you can get a mobile app developer who would develop one for you and launch it on Google Play Store for Android users and App Store for IOS users.

 Be Honest and keep your good name

In as much as you will like to make a lot of fortune in your real estate business, remember that your good name and reputation will also speak for you even in difficult situations.

As you are trying to wrap up that lucrative deal please try as much as possible to put the interest of your clients first, be honest with them, let them be excited each time people talk about you, not just that, be real to yourself, your workers and most especially, to your clients.

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