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[C.R.U.S.H.I.T] C- Courageous, R- Resilient, U- Unrelenting, S- Steadfast, H- Hardworking, I- Intentional, T- Tenacious

Having a goal orientation is crucial to advancement in business and life in general, everyone wants to make a meaningful resolution that aligns with a specific goal, we are all capable of achieving goals and dreams but the question is, are our goals set up for success in the first place? If the answer is no then it pretty much wouldn’t amount to much more than unfulfilled hopes and wishes. Just imagine a construction company like Julius Berger given a contract to construct an overhead bridge and they didn’t factor time, materials, cost, manpower, machinery etc. into the project, trust me they might never reach the goal of constructing an overhead bridge. Same applies to our goals

Enumerated below are few tips to helping you crush goals

1: Set your goals: It’s crucial to develop the habit of writing things down, goal setting is the first step to achieving your objectives. Visually seeing your goals will help you stay abreast of the task ahead and keep you inclined to making ends meet regarding your set goals

2: Develop a strategy: Hope is not a strategy so hence a need for planning, it’s not just about making a list but it is paramount to make a plan. If you aim at achieving a bigger goal it makes a lot of sense to break it down into smaller tasks with the same objective, that way you tend to attain your goals easier. For example, if your major goal is to gain 5,000 subscribers on your YouTube channel, write down specific actionable steps to help you get the result you want. One of them could be doubling up on number of videos you post and also producing more engaging video contents.

“Crush your Goals”

3: Combine determination with knowledge: Determination without adequate knowledge will bring no result, there is a “How” to getting anything done, it is more rewarding to focus on how can I get things going? how can I get this done the right way? how can i scale through this cross road etc. than focusing on “I must get this done! I must finish this task! Yes determination is a great factor but it needs the help of knowledge to attain desired results.

4: Take consistent actions: Consistency is a paramount step to crushing your goals. So many folks set goals and start off with great momentum, working towards their goals on a daily routine but then slowly start losing the vibe, this happens in most cases if consistency is not in place. So how do you stay consistent on achieving your goals? A superb way to remain consistent is to create a schedule and stick to it with the help of a daily planner app or scheduling app like Google calendar, once you start keeping up with your schedule it will turn out to be a second-nature

5: Manage your association: Keep in mind that a bad association can make you deviate from your goals, there is power in association hence the people you choose to surround yourself with can impact your success over time. Association can either mar or make your dreams, it is advisable to associate yourself with people who have something to achieve as well because in the long run they can motivate you to remain on track with your goals or either reduce your drive and momentum.

“Manage your association”

6: Maintain discipline: Never lose focus on your goal, it is imperative to keep your vision in sight but keep it out of reach, what this means is your vision should be kept safe from the wrong influence but still be within your glance. Lack of discipline is a direct ticket to ruin, distractions are a normal occurrence in life but to achieve substantial result it is imperative to be disciplined in your choice of actions.

7: Keep track of your advancement: Success can be the best source of motivation that there is, it has a magical way of boosting your self-esteem in a way that turns out really attractive. Keeping a notable track of your performance can go a long way to keeping you abreast in the game

In conclusion, goals are meant to be crushed and in doing this we need to be more intentional, there is an amazing experience that comes with crushing your goals and seeing your dreams come true. Small wins give us the confidence to think big and take larger steps towards our dreams.

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