7 Repetitive And Redundant Tasks You Need To Automate In Your Property Business

Every owner and staff of different property management businesses carry out repetitive tasks on a daily basis to achieve their short and long term goals. However, the reality in investing time and energy in this repetitive and redundant task reduce productivity and growth in businesses.

The good news is that, many of these tasks can easily be automated and digitized with a property management software like Carrotsuite, in order to save time and complete more important tasks like marketing and sales.

Automating and digitizing your property management operations will give structure to your business to run the way you have configured it, even when you are temporarily absent.

Some of these operations and tasks include:

Property Business

1. Sending Property and Rent Payment Reminder:

Since It is important in property management business to send payment reminders to customers who choose to pay in installments for the property (Land, House, Shop, Office etc) they have purchased or about to purchase, we understand you may already be sending out these reminders weekly or monthly depending on the payment plan of your customer.

However, peradventure there occur a situation where the staff in charge send it late or even forget to send it, what will you do? Sending reminders manually is not reliable and effective especially as your clients base continues to increase. Automating this task on the other hand ensures that payment reminders are stresslessly sent to clients at the right time. Hence, guaranteeing you the result you desire.

In addition,rent payment reminders will automatically go out to tenants whose tenement duration is about to expire so as to remind them of their upcoming rent payments.

Carrotsuite is a property management software that is practically built to help you automate this kind of task activity. It allows you to write in your custom messages and send email and/or SMS at the frequency you want; daily, weekly, monthly or annually.

2. Sending Payment Acknowledgement / Appreciation Message:                                        

It is important that upon receiving payments from your clients, they get payment acknowledgements and appreciation message. Payment acknowledgements are receipts or documents which you send to clients to acknowledge every payment you receive from them. The time spent on this can be utilized on more important tasks if it is automated.
With carrotsuite, pre-configured SMS and Email receipt is automatically sent to customer’s phone number and email address immediately the customer payment is recorded (for property purchase or rent). Such that, your time and energy is saved for other productive task.


3. Addition of late fee penalties or default charges to overdue invoices:

Late fee penalties or default charges are usually applied to overdue invoices whose payments have not been made or are partially paid. It is customary in many property management businesses to apply late fees to customers or tenants who miss their payment deadline or payment month. When you have a large volume of customer or tenant invoices to monitor concurrently, it becomes difficult to track which ones are overdue or that you need to apply late fees to them.

Here comes carrotsuite, it can easily apply late fees or default charges to invoices as soon as they exceed their due date. All you have to do is set your custom late fees as a percentage of the invoice balance, indicate due dates on every invoice you are creating and carrotsuite will automatically apply these charges to the invoices once they default. It will also show you upcoming default customers i.e. customers who are soon to default so that you can call them and remind them of your late fee penalty if they eventually don’t pay up.

4. Daily, weekly and monthly business Reports:

With a manual system, accessing daily and on time reports tend to be difficult or even very complex depending on the size of your organization. To get such reports, all departments will have to submit their individual reports first before it is collated and passed to the CEO as the report for the previous day. This would take a great deal of time.

Carrotsuite sends out daily business performance reports in a summarized fashion to the business admin so that you can measure your previous day’s, week’s or month’s performance in a glance, this report can be accessed at any day and from anywhere with your smart device.

Property Business

5. Generating Customer and Employee Documents:

For every new customer, tenant, or staff there are documents which needs to be tendered to them to authenticate the validity of the current or pending transaction or agreement. Your company could already have the templates of these documents stored in your desktop computer in Microsoft word format or on google docs, and whenever you have a new customer or staff you have to manually alter the variable fields in the doc such as customer name, address, down payment, weekly, monthly or annual rent, and much more.

After the alterations, you proceed to print and sign it. Some of these documents includes contract of sales, tenement agreements, deed of assignments, employment offer letter, staff query letter, etc.

Carrotsuite has an automated system of producing these documents such that you don’t need to continue producing them manually instead you will configure each of the document templates once and then for every new customer or staff, all you need to do is to select the name of the document, select the name of the customer or staff and it will generate the document completely customized with the details of the beneficiary — now all you have to do is print and sign. So easy!

6. Automated Customer & Staff birthday/Wedding Anniversary notification:

As basically simple as this is, it goes a very long way to notify customers and staffs of your thoughtfulness and empathy towards them. As minute as this gesture is, it can strongly encourage loyalty, continuous patronage or referrals from your customers and provoke greater commitment from your staffs.

Manually sending these birthday/wedding anniversary notification can be overwhelming and far from effective especially with a growing database of customers and staffs.


Carrotsuite will automate these repetitive and necessary task for you so that you don’t lose sleep over forgetting any customer or staff birthday again. Carrotsuite will also show you upcoming customer and staff birthdays so you can plan ahead on how you want to surprise them.

7. Payroll

Payroll is a non negotiable aspect of any growing business as it deals with the process or task of calculating the take home pay of all staffs that work in any particular business. Computing any staffs’ payroll involves making agreed allowance and bonus additions while deducting statutory financial obligations such as tax or employee loans.

This task, despite how simple it sounds can take so much time from the calendar of any professional who handles it especially when it concerns a growing business.
Carrotsuite can help to automate your payroll computation so that it cuts down the time involved from hours to just minutes. At the end of which you can print out staff payslips or configure Carrotsuite to automatically send it as email to them individually.

After automating these series of tasks, you stand to gain efficiency, effectiveness, accuracy and a lot of free time and clear head which you can re-invest into growing your business.

Automating these tasks is not optional for your property management business, it is a necessity,especially if your company is seriously pursuing growth and expansion. Carrotsuite property management software will completely digitize and automate your property management businesses so that you and your team can work and collaborate from anywhere. Sign Up now.

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