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10 Reasons Why You Need To Automate Your Real Estate Management Business In Nigeria Today

Real estate businesses would grow faster and be more productive, if they automate some or all of their operations. Because, automation is the key to success in business.

What is Automation? It can be defined as the technology by which a process or procedure is performed without human assistance. Therefore, automating simple tasks around you cannot only increase your productivity, but also enhance performance.

You may be thinking why I do I need automation in my real estate business? The following are the reasons why you need to automate your Real Estate business for productive outcome:

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1. Accountability

Automating your business creates ownership at each level of the workflow process and enforces accountability of action or inaction. Also, it
ensures project success.

As the case may be, you can ascertain at a glance, who needs to initiate, approve, reject or undertake any other task at any level of the workflow process, in relation to a project. Moreover, it shows transparency of work, by easily locating problem areas and addressing them appropriately.

2. Effective Communication

Communication between teams and clients becomes effective and organized when you automate your real estate business. It helps record every communication in the right place.Which makes it easier for anybody in the organization to access, track it and be updated on any project.

3. Getting Regular Reports

Report automation with Property cloud Tech (Carrotsuite) will allow you set property cloud tech to give you regular, daily, weekly or monthly reports on all your company wide activities. The activities includes customers, sales, site visits, expenses, damaged assets, available assets, etc.

4. Managing Recurring Payments

By automating, you can easily manage recurring payments from customers or tenants such as developmental levies, monthly or annual basic service charges, rents etc.

Your tenants or customers will receive automated invoice via email or sms when it’s time for them to pay. However, if they are paying in installments for your land or property, they will get auto reminders to pay up.Which keeps you in their mind for speedy payment.


5. Costs and Error Minimization

Real Estate automation eliminates some manual errors & cost which naturally has higher levels of accuracy. It keeps you on track for payment and reduce fraud to the minimum, by allowing you to track and check payment. In addition, it give you access to check your financial report anytime, without you spending much time.

6. Business Process Visibility

Higher levels of commitments to standards you’ve set for your business and all your team members is enabled by automating your business. It keeps you informed on how much time spent on each project, help with easier collation of data and give you interpretation when it comes to measuring the success of every individual in your team, as well as the collective progression of the organization.

7. Reliable Delivery

Consistency that makes good businesses great, is provided through automation, by giving you time to build deeper personal connection with prospects and your team members.

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8. Data Protection

We all know how important Data is to an organization and the damage a lost data can cause to an organization. A lost data can cripple any company, which is why it is important for a Real Estate company to automate their data, as it is easy to access and automatically save any changes made on it

9.  Leads Value Capture

Automation helps you to get in touch to a long term leads who is yet to respond to you by sending them mails with pictures to make you remain relevant to them.

10. Real Estate Sales Process Humanization

You humanize your sales process by understanding your prospects and customers problems and giving them information. By doing so, you are building your trust in them and increasing your sales. So, for you to grow your business, be consistently there for your prospects which involves you automating your business.

In conclusion, the efficiency and productivity in an organization is improved when all or most of its business processes are automated. If you want to have more income and work less, you need to implement automation in your real estate business. Moreover, take the time to set it up and you’ll reach mega-agent status in no time.


Are you doing any of these things in your business? How is it going? Let me know in the comments.

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