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9 Detailed Reasons To Switch From Sage Accounting Software To Carrotsuite Accounting Software Today

Sage accounting software or Carrotsuite business software, which is better? That will be for you to decide after you have read this article.

When you are searching for a business software for your small, medium or large business, narrowing down your search to a single choice can be tricky, thus many businesses narrow their choices to the very best options, which includes Sage accounting software Vs Carrotsuite business software.

So, why do you need to switch from sage accounting software?

We have compiled this guide to help you figure out which software is better for you and whether you are just okay with an accounting software or would rather opt for a complete business software.

Basically, Carrotsuite Business Software and Sage are two of the most-friendly accounting software out there and are crucial at varying degrees to the future of your ever-growing business.

Here are the points to consider to switch from sage:

1. Software Modules Composition

Carrotsuite is not only an accounting software, but a cloud based digital & automation business software solution for your small, medium or large-sized business, to help you completely structure your business, speed up your business operations and enhance good decision making.

It is a total package of Accounting, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resources Management, Project Management, Automations, Asset management, Property Management, and much more. This platform will benefit all sections of your business.

Sage is an online pure accounting software solution for businesses. It helps you track all your business finances. Sage will benefit only the accounting section of your business unless you buy their Payroll software too!

2. Customer Relationship Management

CRM is a critical part of any serious business, a lot of companies already use some form of CRM system without actually knowing what it is: some use excel sheet, google docs or even pen and paper to document their prospects, outreaches, leads and more.
Your leads are as important as your customers because they are the future cashflow of your business, so they must be adequately cared for and nurtured.

Carrotsuite business software actually cares a lot about helping you get, manage and retain your customers, that is why we keep adding “heart-full” features to help you relate better with them.

More, you can track your prospects and know their deal stages (that is what stage of the buying process they are in, e.g. negotiation, contract sent, contract approved, etc.). This helps you to forecast sales for the month or quarter, also helps you manage your sales reps and gauge their performance.

You will be able to record and access your customers data or document quickly from any device with Carrotsuite.
Likewise, you can categorize and manage your customers by their payment stages, such as prospects, on-going customers (these have not made full payment on their invoices), post sales (completed payment), default (missed their payment deadline).
In 3 clicks you can immediately send out an email to all of your prospects or all of your owing customers, or all of your post sales customers without sorting anything manually.

Sure, you can record customers data with sage accounting software but this method is more appealing for companies who are not interested in an ongoing relationship with their customers. The customer records on sage looks very cold and without heart. Also, with sage you cannot track the buying stages of your prospects or follow them up.

3. Multi-level Marketing System

There is a platform for multi-level marketing system in Carrotsuite, to speedily grow your business and customer base.

A multi level marketing system is a method of marketing whereby marketers gain points by referring other marketers to your business who now become their downlines and when any sale is made by any downline, their upline gets paid a set commission on the sales of his referral.

A typical multi level marketing pyramid can have as many as 4 generations, which means the marketer who began the chain can earn varying commissions on his proceeding 3 downlines.

Carrotsuite will enable you to set up this system to run automatically without any manual input. You can set up your applicable commission percentages for your different marketer levels and view the commissions earned by each of them on every sale.
When your marketers sign up, they will automatically get their unique registration link , which they can send via SMS/email/whatsapp to their intending downlines so that when anyone signs up on that link, they automatically become their downlines. Plus, they can easily log-in to see their clients and view their downlines.

Once you are creating an invoice and you select the direct marketer, Carrotsuite will automatically display how much commissions they have earned from that sale and not only that, you will also see their uplines and how much they have earned too from that same sale.

All your financial activities will be tracked by Sage accounting software, but it doesn’t have any multilevel marketing system to help you capitalize on network effects to speedily increase the number of marketers who are reaching out to bring you new business.

4. Automation

The primary purpose of carrotsuite business software is to completely automate and digitize your business so that you can give structure to your business and grow your profits.
So therefore automation of all sorts is available on carrotsuite. Here are some of them:

  • Automated birthday messages will be sent to your staffs and customers with Carrotsuite.
  • SMS and email payment receipts are sent out automatically to customers after each payment
  • Automated payment reminders to your owing customers
  • Receive automated daily, weekly, monthly and yearly business reports
  • Automated default fee addition
  • Notify account officers or select staffs when its the birthday of any customer of a specific total transaction amount.
  • Automated upcoming bills notification and more…

With sage you have to send receipts manually after each payment but can’t send automated payment reminders to your owing customers. Likewise, you can’t send automated birthday messages to your staff and customers.

5. Staff and Customer Login Platform

With Carrotsuite, your customers or clients can log in to access their records that you have. This includes their invoices, receipts, bio data, and documents.

The documents includes pictures, or soft copy documents from engagements with the clients.

Invoices, receipts and payment statements generated on Carrotsuite can be printed out by their owners. Your customers can also make online payments on their invoices.

Meanwhile, Sage accounting software is built for accountants and accounting departments only so there is no provision or section for other administrative work by your business administrators or for your customers to log in.

6. Complete Digitization

Carrotsuite was crafted to help you as a business manager or CEO completely digitize your business departments and work processes so that every department of their organization can work and collaborate on it.

This means your different departments and workers can do their works online and submit their reports as well. You no longer need to call in your heads of departments before you can know the status of their work or hear their reports.
Likewise, you can access your business information from anywhere without needing to be at the office.

Only your financial information is available to you 24/7 with sage.

7. Sharing Publicly

On Carrotsuite, you can share a lot of things. If you are engaged in Know Your Customer (KYC) data collection, you can share the link publicly or send it as SMS or email for your prospective customers to fill and as soon as they fill it, you will get notified in your email inbox.
You can also share marketer registration forms.

You can also create custom forms and share out for purposes of data collection or survey.

You can’t achieve this with Sage accounting software, to achieve this, you will need to pay for another software. Why pay for multiple softwares when you can minimize cost and avoid confusion by paying for just this one?

8. Multiple Branch Management

For you with multiple companies, and show rooms, you can manage all the operations of your multiple branches and companies with Carrotsuite. Likewise, all your staffs from your different branches and companies can use the software without any mix-up of documents, as all branches will have their own access roles on that one software.

On Sage, there is no platform for multiple branches. All branches have to use sage separately. Plus, payments are made separately. Peradventure, all the branches finance processes are done with sage, there will be no comparison or differentiation, as all will be processed together.

9. Pricing

The subscription price to purchase sage is around the same amount for Carrotsuite. Why don’t you just purchase Carrotsuite that provides your business with a total package of features such as, HRM, CRM, Payroll, Accounting, Automation and more, instead of purchasing sage that provides you with just Accounting.

Using Sage accounting software might definitely mean that you have to pay for the other software packages you need to run your business besides accounting, paying for Carrotsuite at almost the same rate as Sage makes all the other software modules available for you at no extra cost.

From the above illustrations, I believe there are enough reasons to switch from sage.
Are there other reasons why you think you should want to switch from sage? Share in the comment section below

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