Automate & Digitize your entire property business.
Structure everything.
Reduce your operating costs.
Carrotsuite will help you to streamline your entire business workflow; Teams, Sales, Projects, Tasks, Accounting, CRM, HR and Reports so you can maximize productivity while cutting down costs.


Automated Payment Reminders

Invoice payment reminders, rent payment reminders are automatically sent out.

Property CRM

Your sales reps can log their prospects and update their deal status, log all their sales activity so you can rate them by their sales activity and their results.

Sell On-plan or Off-plan

You can choose to sell your building property on-plan or off-plan

Facility Management

Employees or clients can send maintenance or repair requests which they can monitor the status of their requests online.

Handle Property Allocations

Allocate property units or land to clients who have paid, and notify them. See your allocation list.

Property Warranty Period

Track warranty of newly handed over property units and other item checklists.

Property Inspection

Record property inspection exercises and follow up on prospects

Client Portal

Clients to log in to see their invoices, receipts, make complaints, see all their documents and pictures you have shared with them.

Rent Management

Manage your tenants and utilities. Collect rents, service charges, see all vacant properties and soon to expire tenements.


Our complete and concrete accounting software is built to specifically help you manage your properties and gain visibility into metrics that matter for your continued growth.

Invoice & Receipt Approvals — all invoices & receipts must be approved by an authorized personnel to be valid.
Expense Management – by cost centres or locations or beneficiaries
Account Payable Approvals – approve bills after they are created
Digitize your requisition process so authorized persons can approve it digitally
for another authorized person to disburse the funds – No more papers
Online Payments – clients can pay online

Portals for all your stakeholders

  • Client Portal
  • Vendors
  • Staff Portal
  • Marketers Portal

You can transform your business to a seriously structured revenue-producing asset that lets you work as much or as little as you want and get all your expected results.

Vendor Management

Manage vendors, upload their balances, see their outstanding bills and all payments.

Document Version Control

Do you & your people keep getting emails of newly updated documents like building plans, surveys, estate layouts? With our doc. version control system, everyone who already has access to any document will always automatically access the latest updated version of that document anytime they need it.

Real time Live Chat

Collaborate in real time with all your colleagues and team mates from anywhere you are.

Doc. Management

Upload your documents and share with any employees who should have access OR make it public for everyone to access.

Marketers Management

Add marketers and track their sales, see their deal flow. On the marketers portal, they can log in to see their clients, sales & commissions earned.

Multi Level Marketing

Make use of the power of multi level marketing to grow your property business faster as people can refer others to become your marketers and their downlines. Our software can navigate this process for your business.

Carrotsuite – Work. + Collaborate

Income Statement

Get your business profit or loss statement from Carrotsuite

Balance Sheet Report

Get your business statement of financial position

Account Payables

See all vendors you are owing, what you owe them and when.

Rent Roll Reports

See all occupants, properties, their rent due dates and payment status.


Property Reports

See all your properties; total land size or property units,all subscribers, total sold, total available & more.

Account Receivables

See all outstanding balances from all concerned customers, send them a text or email when you want.

Customer Reports

All customers viewed by payment status, property been purchased, marketer who brought them and more attributes.


We’ll help you save time and structure your business


Receive notifications when pre-set events occurs; new customer added, new sale processed, new payment recorded, expense threshold reached or surpassed and much more.


You can easily automate boring and repetitive tasks to minimize human errors with execution. Tasks like automated birthday messaging, sending invoice reminders and more.


Daily, weekly and monthly reports will automatically go out to your team, you can also access different dashboards to help monitor the health and responsiveness of different aspects of your business.


Carrotsuite gives you access to tools you need to manage any team size. Chat & collaborate in real time. Bring your team on board your projects, allocate tasks to them and monitor execution speed.


Before we talk destination, we shine a spotlight across your organization to fully understand its people and technology.


To mitigate any sad occurrences, all data is backed up to a separate server every 3 hours and can be retrieved or recovered if and when the need arises.

See our software in action.

See carrotsuite in action when you book a personal walkthrough with one of our product experts.

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