How PPCT Service Software can help:

  • Quotations, Invoicing & Receipts

    Create & send beautiful quotations, invoices and receipts via email. Also convert aproved quotations to invoices.

  • Insightful Accounting Solution

    Accounting system that gives you financial reports & insights into your business performance across different yardsticks.

  • Service Types Management Solution

    Record your business services as your inventory and view performance & purchases of different services in different branches.

  • Customer Relationship Management

    Save your prospects and customer data, track and improve on your relationship with them at every level.

Create & Send beautiful
Quotations, Invoices & Receipts

With PPCT service software, you can send out more quotations, and when the quotations are approved, click a button to convert them to invoices then record payments to view your receipts. You can download quotations, invoices and receipts as PDF files or you can send them via email. You can also add late fee penalties to any overdue invoice, PPCT will send out an alert to the customer notifying him of the late fee addition..

  • Our automated SMS/Email invoice payment reminders will increase your collections

  • Customers get automated instant SMS/Email receipts with every payment

  • Manual or automated late fee penalties can be added to overdue invoices

  • Setup recurring invoices and let it run at your set frequency automatically

You don't need multiple softwares, you only need PPCT!

You can leverage PPCT as your single source of truth. No need for multiple softwares doing different things for you. PPCT can perform your business functions plus enable you,your team & clients to cllaborate together on ideas that matter.

Insightful Accounting &
Inventory Management Solution

  • Record & View Service Types Performance

    Record and view your products & services. Set reorder points where you will get a low stock alert for that product. Enter multiple images for each product

  • Record Journals & Expenses

    Record your expenses by categories and view your expense reports. Post your journal entries and tag any beneficiary or inventory item while posting

  • Manage multiple Locations

    Record and sell your services from any location or branch. View branch wise reports

  • Reports & Accounting System

    View your financial statements such as Cashflow, Profit Or Loss, Statement of financial position. Also view inventory movement reports, chart of accounts, etc.

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