50 Apps Every Business Owner Needs

As a successful business owner, certain applications are very vital for you to have on the go. These applications would help you in being more productive, close more business deals and most importantly, make more money.

1. Evernote

Evernote allows you to take notes, organize your to-do list, and share your notes. It also saves your notes to your Evernote account, making it accessible on any device you have on-the-go. This would help you during that impromptu business meeting or pop-up creative idea that could easily be forgotten if not noted in a safe place.

2. Google Drive

Having google drive on your device, helps you create all kinds of documents, safely store them, edit and also share them. Google drive also synchronizes your files, making it accessible on any device wherever you go. The interesting thing about google drive is that after your document is shared, you can see the corrections made to your document almost immediately after they are made. 

3. Truecaller

As a business owner, making and receiving calls are very important because you’ll get to discuss with potential clients. However, this could give rise to spam messages and calls. Truecaller helps you identify the numbers that contact you, either through calls or text messages. This would help you avoid spam calls and also identify your clients and potential clients properly.

4. Carrotsuite

Carrotsuite is an ERP software that helps you manage and structure your business with ease. It helps in your accounting system, payroll and inventory management. It digitizes your business completely and eradicates bureaucracy giving you enough time to focus on gaining more clients. 

5. Gmail

 For sending appropriate formal or corporate messages and files, Gmail is a very important application. It is an electronic mail that allows you to send and receive messages. 

6. Twitter

Twitter is a social media network that helps you send out messages called tweets on any topic of your choice. Twitter enables you to do a background check on your clients or business partners and also helps you send out creative content to potential customers.

7. Whatsapp

 Whatsapp is often had on every phone or tablet. It is a messaging app that allows you to send direct or group messages to people. So instead of texting a message to someone at 4 naira per page, with Whatsapp, you get to send messages, videos, audios, and even documents at no cost at all. 

8. Taxify or Uber

As a business owner, going from place to place is inevitable. Whether for business meetings, pitches or even trainings, you’ll always be moving. Having the Taxify or Uber app helps you never get stranded. Just in case your car breaks down or it’s too late to drive, you can always navigate to your destination easily. 

9. Gokada or Max or Opay

There are certain places on the streets of Nigeria where cars and cabs will be unable to get to because of the road structure. In these cases, the Gokada, Max or Opay app would help you navigate to your destination through a safe motorcycle. 

10.  Paylater

Even as business owners, sometimes you could get stranded with insufficient funds in your bank and urgent need to use money. This is why you need the paylater application. This app lets you lend funds as soon as possible with a comfortable repay method that suits you. 

11.  Canva

Catchy content are the most attractive things to clients or potential clients. The canva application helps you design very attractive images to post on your website, social media page, or even send directly through email.

12.  Bank App

Bank Apps such as UBA, Zenith mobile, GTB and so one; are also crucial applications every business owner should have. These applications help you make transactions faster and more timely. It saves you the stress of going to the bank and standing in long queues. Therefore helping you manage your time better, since time is ever essential.  

13.  Firefox or Google Chrome: 

Carrying out research is very important and necessary as a business owner. You’ll need to know what is trending, what your competitors are doing and how to make your business better. Firefox or Google Chrome are fast browsers that enable you make researches and visit websites when you need to. 

14.  Facebook Ads

The number one priority of every business owner is to gain more customers, but it is, however, impossible to get customers when no one knows about you. Facebook Ads help you advertise to your target audience at a reasonable price. Since a large number of your customers have Facebook accounts, your adverts with your desired message would get to them as soon as possible. This application would save you the big bucks you usually spend on traditional media advertising.

15.  Google analytics

Evaluation is very important, to know how well your business is going, what you are doing right or wrong and what you should do more. Google Analytics helps you track your website, social media pages and blogs. It tells you the amount of traffic you have at a time, the amount of clicks, sign-ups and even the amount of people viewing your page in realtime. This would help you evaluate your business properly.

16.  Hootsuite

Due to your busy schedule and long to-do-list; you’ll often forget to post on your social media accounts and sometimes you get really inactive on them. Hootsuite is an application that helps you in scheduling posts for all your social media accounts. It also helps you check up on specific people’s pages and manage your entire social media accounts.

17. Instagram

Instagram is a social media application that enables you to share photos and videos. So you can easily share pictures relating to your business or short videos of events and programs. 

18. Slack

Slack is an instant messaging app for work. It eradicates unnecessary meetings or sending multiple emails to different staff. You can easily communicate with your staff on slack and get instant replies. Your employees can also communicate with each other on work-related issues easily.

19. Paypal

Sometimes you’ll need to do some international transactions where you’ll have to pay in other currencies or even receive money from international accounts. Paypal is the safest way to make such transactions. All you’ll need to open a paypal account is your email address and with that you’ll be able to purchase things online, send and receive money safer.

20. Skype

Skype is a video chatting application. It enables you to hold online conference meetings with up to 4 participants on video calls and 25 participants on audio calls. Skype helps you communicate both locally and internationally. You can also send text, share files and images with the app.

21. Rescuetime

Time management is key to every business owner. Rescuetime helps you manage your time more effectively by giving you and your employees tools and data to improve your focus and productivity level. It helps you identify the unnecessary things that waste your time and optimizes your daily schedules to be more effective. 

22. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional social media account, where you get to connect to other business owners or investors that would empower your business. Networking would take you to places you didn’t imagine you’ll get to. 

23. Expensify

It is the perfect tool to track your receipts and automate expense management. Expensify is like your on-the-go mini accountant, it also helps you track both your personal and company’s expenses, therefore, showing records on how you can save some money by cutting down on unnecessary things. 

24. Trello

With Trello, You’ll be able to organize your project and to-do-lists. It helps your schedule and prioritize projects. Every business owner should have the Trello app to enable you to focus on the right thing instead of just being busy without productivity.

25.  Google maps

Business meetings could be held at places you’ve never been to, and sometimes you could get lost trying to find the location. Google maps help you navigate easily to your desired location, it has audio directions, so you can keep your eyes focused on the road. 

26. Call recorder

In some cases, a normal phone conversation could turn to a semi-business meeting. In these cases, an automatic call recorder would help you re-visit the conversation and also share with your colleagues, partners or employees.

27. Punch Mobile

Information on what happens in your environment is very vital. But you don’t always have the time to read those big newspapers you buy and leave on your table every day. Punch Mobile is an online newspaper application that gives you access to information in a concise form. It shows you notifications of headlines on all categories. You can easily select what you want to read on and save a little extra time.

28. Adobe Pdf reader

Some documents sent to you may be in pdf format, Adobe PDF reader helps you open and read those documents. 

29. Asana

Asana is a work management application that helps you manage your projects, reports and meet up with deadlines. It enables you and your team to work on track 82% better. The application increases your productivity level and makes your team more accountable. 

30. Imo

Imo is also a video call application. It enables you to communicate through video and audio calls. You can also send audios, documents, files, pictures as well as text messages at no cost. 

31. Jumia/Konga

You’ll often need to purchase new equipment or inventories for your business but going shopping can be time-consuming. Jumia/ Konga are online shopping applications. You can easily purchase your goods, and have them delivered to your doorstep in no time. 

32. Dictionary

During that meeting, you could come across words you don’t understand. It may be a little embarrassing to ask your client to explain that word and that’s what the dictionary app is there for. It helps you check up the difficult words you don’t understand quickly.

33.   Liveplan

When you need an accurate business plan, LivePlan would help you out. It gives good tips and templates for your pitches, plans, and infographics. It also helps you track your revenues and budgets. 

34. SurveyMonkey

Feedback from your customers would help evaluate your business better. Survey monkey helps you create surveys for the customers on what you’ve done or want to do. This helps you focus on the things your customers want and need. 

35. My Minutes

This is a time management application that monitors your daily goals and to-do-list and helps you in achieving them at a set time. It helps you track the time spent on a particular project; so you’ll know what takes so much of your time daily and how you can manage it better. 

36. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is very useful for email marketing campaigns. It enables you to create, send and evaluate your email marketing campaigns.

37. Spendee

Spendee helps you easily manage your finances. It tracks your cash flow, expenses habits and helps you in budgeting. 

38.  Tripit

While running that business, you may have to travel from place to place to close different deals. TripIt will help you in booking that flight, make travel plans and give you relevant information and where you are travelling to. 

39. Wave

Wave helps you understand and manage your income or cash flow. It also helps you manage your payroll, payments, and invoices. 

40. Chargify

If your business model is on a subscription basis, you’ll definitely need this application. Chargify simplifies your recurring billing system and makes the payment system easier for you and your customers. 

41. Fiverr

You’ll constantly need to build and grow your business both offline and online in order for it to stay alive. Fiverr provides you with sufficient tools to build your business. It helps in business logo, social media marketing, financial tips, graphic designs and lots more. 

42. Quickbooks

Quickbooks is one of the top accounting software packages. It helps in tax accounting, payrolls, profit analysis, and inventory management. One of the interesting things about it is that you can select that version and plan you need depending on your business type and funds. 

43. Pushover

Sometimes, your clients would need a little push to purchase your goods or services. Pushover application, helps you send push notification or e-mails to your clients or potential clients. 

44. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a task management application. It allows you to manage your tasks from any device on the go. You can easily create, maintain multiple lists, assign deadlines, set reminders and also share your notes.

45. Jumia Food

I bet you are wondering why a food app is here when we are talking on business. However, you and your employee could save a lot of time by ordering your meals from Jumia food. It is an application that enables you to select your desired meal and delivers it to your desired location. This would help you have a good mind and save the time your employee spends going out to get a meal daily. 

46. Basecamp 

The Basecamp application helps you organize your project into different categories such as; chat room, message board, task list, calendar, and recurring check-in-systems. It will help manage your employee’s workflow. 

47. Office 360

Office 360 comprises of Microsoft word, excel, powerpoint and one drive. These applications help you create and edit documents easily. 

48. Adview

After creating adverts through your facebook ads application, Ad view helps you track and monitor the adverts. It shows the response of the audience to your ads.  This would enable you to understand your audience better. 

49. Snapseed

Snapseed is a photo-editing application. It enables you to edit pictures, use filters, colour grading, brightness and lots more,  before posting on any of your social media pages. 

50. Toggl

You’ll be able to track your time better with Toggl. Toggl is a time-keeping workflow application that enables you to record billable hours, send out timesheets and lots more. 

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