12 Reasons Why Your Business Need Carrotsuite Software

Carrotsuite is a cloud based digitial & automation business software solution that is built to help you completely structure your business, speed up your business operations and enhance good decision making. It makes your business administration more responsive to challenges related to running a successful business, help you not get distracted from core functions, continually increasing your customer base and also making more

Carrotsuite business software can help you navigate the administration framework involved in running your business easily and successfully by making sure that critical information is accessible to you and your staff at any time you need it.

business software
carrotsuite is a cloud based software

These are some reasons you need to sign up for carrotsuite today:

1. Send automated payment reminders to your customers

You can configure carrotsuite business software to send out daily, weekly or monthly reminders via SMS or email to your clients who owe you money. You can equally sell your products in installments and use carrotsuite to send pre-composed payment reminder to your customers about their payment. With this, reminding your clients of pending payment just got efficiently handled and stress free.

2. Access all your business data from anywhere and at anytime

You can access all your customer data, transactions, expenses, inventory data, invoices and much more from anywhere with carrotsuite. You don’t need to call your secretary or accountant to find out any information you need about your business. All your staff can also timely access information they need to do their work so that they can work remotely. CarrotSuite is a business software for remote work.

3. Structure your business for more productivity

You can configure your workflow and let it run with or without you. This means that your business can maintain the workflow you have set in your absence. In this way, any disgruntled staff or employee is limited in ways he can express his anger. You can also be very confident that your business is running the way you designed it when you are not in the office.


4. Provide In-depth accounting management

CarrotSuite has an accounting section that allow you to post journals, view your general ledger, manage your chart of accounts, view your management financial reports and much more s

5. Create and manage invoices, quotations and receipts

With carrotsuite you can create your quotations, print them or send them via email to your customers. When the quotation gets approved, you don’t need to create an invoice afresh since you can easily edit and convert that quotation to an invoice and send it to your customer. On this business software, there are a lot of features when it comes to invoices;  you can add payments in installments to invoices, print, download as PDF, send as email, apply default charges to specific invoices, update an invoice to add more products, refund an invoice or even delete it. All this is to ensure nothing stops your business from growing.

6. Manage customers with overdue invoices or defaulting customers

Carrotsuite ERP business software will shortlist your default customers and their invoices in both the CRM and the sales section respectively. It allows you to apply a default charge manually or automatically to overdue invoices. To apply it automatically to every defaulting customer, you need to set a default percentage to be applied to an overdue invoice balance on the accounting settings section. This default percentage will automatically kick in on any default invoice as soon as it is overdue and payment is not completed. The default charge added will continue to recur every month on the invoice until the invoice is fully paid. The added default charges can be removed by extending the due dates on the invoice.

business software
carrotsuite business software

7. Access all your reports and financial statements from anywhere

You can access all your reports including financial statements (Income statements, balance sheet or financial position, cash flow statement), sales and payment reports, customer reports, assets reports and more from anywhere you are and at any time.

8. Monitor and improve the productivity of your sales reps

You can track the sales activity of all your sales reps in order to gauge their productivity and  find out where they are having issues in closing deals so that you can proffer help to them.

9. Digitize and automate your on-boarding and off-boarding process

You can on-board a new hire by automatically sending out their employment letter, office code of conduct, job description, work passwords and other relevant documents in a click. Just select the name of the new staff and submit, CarrotSuite HR self service will automatically collate all pre-composed documents, customize it with their names, department, designation and send it to their mail as attachments.

Customers will receive login access to their login portal from where they can view all their welcome documents, apply for leaves, see their payslips and know their staff colleagues.

10. Upload multiple documents and monitor all operations

Carrotsuite allow you upload customer, staff, vendor and transaction documents easily, so you can view them later or send them as attachment to concerned persons.

With carrotsuite, you can monitor with dates on any customer, staff or vendor. Monitoring all these help you to ensure continuity and collaboration in maintaining structure in your business.


For example, your customer service person is absent from work and a customer calls to inquire about a previous complaint, any notes that have been previously taken/recorded by your ex-customer service front person will go a long way in helping her replacement staff quickly resolve the customer issue.

This is one tiny example from the myriads of advantages you get when you set up a system that prioritizes continuity through monitoring.

11. Provide robust task management system

You can setup tasks for your staffs in your organization and prioritize it for them if they are your subordinate. They can mark the tasks as complete when they have executed on it. You can also set up reminders for them so that they are notified before, after, when the task is due.

With carrotsuite software, you can monitor staff productivity by asking them to setup daily to-do list which you or their superior will continually supervise to be sure it is bankable or that they are accomplishing their list items. These list items can be marked as started, completed, cancelled, carried over etc. By going through this at your chosen time, you can ascertain how they spend their time at working hours.

12. Send automated birthday messages to your clients and staffs

Automated birthday messages will regularly go out via SMS and/or email to all your staff and clients once you have enabled it. This can go a long way to cement your relationship with them. It can boost staff productivity and make the client or prospect more willing to patronize you.

CarrotSuite as an ERP business software is to completely digitize and automate the entire operations of any typical business (small, medium or large) from the reception area to the board room. Thereby, structuring your business and growing your profit.

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