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13 Ways To Derive Maximum Value From Your Business Website

Business website is the key to being discovered on-line and connect with prospective customers. Therefore, having an effective business website is very important. Because, it is through your website that you can take your business to the next level.

Business websites are marketing powerhouse that will help boost an outstanding lead generation, if well maximized. It is not that hard or expensive to acquire and will grow your business by attracting the right customers to you.

13 ways to maximize your business website:

business website

1. Keep it updated

Your website is your online office and should always have its content updated. Always make sure your website has a valid contact information, updated product information and undamaged links. Unavailability of all these, will chase your potential customers away and give them the impression that you are incompetent or fake.

2. Visible contact details

The visibility of your business contact information on your website is very important. It is improper if you visitors have to struggle to get your contact information. Also, if you relocate your office, make sure you update it on your website.

3. High-resolution images

A dull picture will only confuse your website visitors and make them not get interested in buying from you, which is very bad for your business. A clear picture is worth a thousand words.

4. Power of SEO

Accurate search engine optimization will help your website get discovered among search results. The beginning and the end of a good SEO strategy is basically keywords. However, it is essential that your website is responsive to mobile queries due to the fact that most of your visitors will be visiting with their mobile phone.


5. Testimonials display

Displaying the good reviews of your customers will make potential customers trust you and your product or service.  It also gives them the impression that you are competent, which will encourage them to purchase your product or service.

6. Avoid excessive ads and pop-ups

One of the ways to maximize your business website is avoid too much adverts and pop –ups, because it scares site visitors away. But, that does not mean there should be no ads and pop-ups on your website. Just make sure it is minimal and attractive.

7. Optimize on all devices

 Another way to maximize your business website is to optimize it for all devices. That is, smartphones, tablets, laptop and desktop. This will make your website suitable and accessible for your potential customers to reach you.

business website

8. Live-Chat

You can tremendously increase your business conversion rates by having a live chat tool on your website. With it, you will be able to resolve product questions from your potential customer easily and immediately.

9. Blog

According to research from Hubspot, you could get as many as 55% more leads, if you have a blog than if you don’t have blog. Blogging will help to drive good traffic to your business website.
One of the best ways to get traffic is to offer educative and quality content that solves problems for your target audience. Quality content will always attract quality traffic.

10. Add client portal link for customers

Have a client portal and set up a login menu for your customers to login to see their invoices, receipts and make payments online. As well as, collaborate with you on the projects which you are handling for them.
As an agency, service business, property business, construction business or any business that serves customers: this is a no-brainer to give your client their money’s worth of service. However, to achieve this, you need a business software that is built just for that, so that you can work and collaborate with your clients at anytime.


11. Social media

Social media will help you drive more traffic to your website, which will bring more leads and sales. Always stay active on key social media platforms like facebook, Instagram, twitter etc to get higher engagement for your blog content. Thereby, increasing your website traffic, getting more leads and increasing your growth profit.

12. Call to Action

Maximize your website by including a call to action like Visit, Sign-up, Learn more, etc. It will help you get the attention of your visitors and easily convert them to leads. Call to actions guides website visitors on what to do and will improve all kind of business including Real Estates.

13. Sales action enablement

Your visitors or prospect customers should be able to take a simple sales action from your website. It should include some of the simple sales actions like, fill a form, download an ebook, request a call back, contact us, purchase the product, etc. This speeds up lead generation and conversation rate.

Great business software like carrotsuite will allow you to create and embed forms on your website so that you can directly absorb inquiries, contacts and sales orders, which will trigger an auto-responder and gets you instantly notified when a site visitor fills any form on your website.

You will see results in your business if you implement some or all of these business ideas consistently. Your website is a marketing powerhouse. Thus, maximize it potential.

How do you get people to visit your business website?
Feel free to comment below on other ways you are using so that we can all learn from it.

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