15 Guides to Buying an ERP Software In Nigeria

15 Factors to Consider When Buying an ERP Software In Nigeria
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Kunle Esho has been a very organized individual. This has borne undeniable results in his business engagements. In early 2020 when he started his company, he introduced this organized approach to his business processes. The well organized business processes had visible results that his staff could attest to. From the organized requisition processes to the ordered filing system. When the Covid19 lockdowns commenced, there was an express need to find a solution that can enable staff work remotely from home. He quickly jumped on the offer of an ERP software that was recommended by Jackson a former colleague.

However, the joys of being able to work remotely was short-lived as staff found the software rather cumbersome and slow. It also became a source of discouragement to their remote work. To further complicate the issue, the vendor of the software company was not accessible for prompt support. After several frantic efforts at resolving the issues, Kunle dropped the Ball. He paused business operations while he tried to re-strategize his business.

In today’s forward-looking business landscape, an ERP Software is not merely a future consideration; it is a necessity for your business right now. You may question why your business needs such a system. To gain a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of an ERP, I invite you to explore further Reasons to Buy an ERP Software. However, for the purpose of this article, let me provide a succinct overview. An ERP, which stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, is a comprehensive, robust software designed to meet all of your business’s operational needs. In simpler terms, it fast-tracks and enables a seamless workflow across every department in your organization, including Accounting, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resources, Administration, and Management, among others.

While an Accounting Software is beneficial, an ERP Software brings even greater advantages, propelling your business into a future you can be proud of. Apart from avoiding a recurrence of Kunle’s experience in the story above, there are countless ERP options globally among the best budget erp software. Which can lead to confusion when deciding which ERP can best partner with your business and make a groundbreaking impact. The reality is that choosing the wrong ERP can be as detrimental as having no ERP at all. It can cause more harm than good.

Hence, I consider it crucial to select the right ERP to achieve the desired results. Remember that not all ERP Software is meant for your specific business needs. To alleviate the stress involved in choosing the right ERP Software for your Nigerian business, consider these fifteen factors. These are steps we have put together to aid your ERP Software Selection process:

  1. Identify Your Business Needs:
    Begin by thoroughly evaluating your business requirements and identifying areas that need improvement. Seek a solution that addresses these specific needs and fills the gaps in your operations. This means finding an ERP Software that becomes a solution for those identified challenges.
  2. Buy From Vendors Who Are Available Or A Moment’s Notice Away:
    Considering the numerous ERP Software available worldwide, it is preferable to choose a Nigerian-based ERP vendor, given your business’s location. Local ERP providers understand the unique structure of Nigerian businesses, ensuring a setup that aligns with your needs. Accessibility and effective communication become advantages when you can easily call and visit Nigerian ERP providers for support, training, or any assistance required. Carrotsuite is an excellent example, successfully serving businesses of all scales across the country.
  3. Prioritize Vendors with Positive Reviews and Feedback:
    Conducting thorough research on the reviews and feedback of the ERP solution you intend to adopt is absolutely crucial. The opinions of other businesses, especially those similar to yours, hold great relevance in making your final decision. Online reviews can be immensely helpful in avoiding potential mistakes and regrets. While it is true that no software is perfect, negative reviews should not overshadow the positive ones. It is important to assess the ERP Software’s track record in various areas such as meeting industry standards, timely delivery, and customer satisfaction. Going the extra mile by seeking references from existing customers of a provider can further aid in making an informed decision.
  4. Prioritize ERP Software Catering to Your Industry Vertical Needs:
    Evaluating ERP vendors based on their expertise in your specific industry is highly beneficial. When selecting the right ERP for your business, it is essential to thoroughly understand your business’s unique needs. This process ensures that you choose an ERP Solution provider tailored to your specific requirements, moving away from a generic, one-size-fits-all approach. For instance, ERP solutions are available that cater specifically to industries like Real Estate, Health, Education, Maritime, Construction, and Financial sectors.
  5. Cloud ERP Software vs. On-premise ERP:
    We are currently in the Cloud age, wherein businesses can conduct operations from anywhere, at anytime, without a physical office. Cloud ERP Software enables real-time notifications of business activities across all departments, granting unparalleled accessibility from any location or device. Embracing a Cloud ERP system becomes imperative, particularly in light of unforeseen eventualities like the COVID-19 pandemic. With a Cloud ERP Software, your business remains operational, protected, and productive even during such challenging times. Carrotsuite ERP Software is a prime example of a cloud-based solution that can facilitate seamless business continuity.
  6. Ensure Scalability and Adaptability to New Technologies:
    As groundbreaking and advanced technologies continue to emerge, the importance of prioritizing ERP Software with a reputation for evolving and upgrading cannot be understated. The ERP Software should be agile and proactive in implementing new operating procedures as the need arises. Choosing an ERP Solution that is well-equipped to handle long-term growth effectively and efficiently is key. This involves seeking an ERP provider that introduces new features and systems while consistently improving on existing ones. If your company has ambitious long-term goals, it is imperative to partner and invest with an ERP Software provider capable of scaling and modifying the system to meet your evolving needs over the next decade and beyond. Avoid opting for an ERP Software that may only suffice for present needs but may not withstand future demands due to lack of scalability and futurism.
  7. Efficient Implementation and Training:
    You should opt for ERP Software vendors or providers that boast a well-structured and highly effective implementation process. Some vendors may simply hand over the software after the subscription, leaving you with superficial brochures and videos to navigate the implementation process on your own. To ensure a successful deployment and implementation, seek detailed and verified information on the ERP provider’s implementation, training, and support procedures.
  8. Prioritize ERP Solution vendors willing to go the extra mile in offering comprehensive training and support:
    Look for vendors with very active, timely, and responsive customer support channels, whether through phone calls, emails, live chat, video meetings, or in-person interactions. This commitment to customer satisfaction will significantly contribute to a smooth and rewarding experience while using the ERP software.
  9. 24/7 Available and Supportive Customer Service:
    Your implementation of an ERP Software may be flawless, but the significance of having a highly supportive customer service cannot be understated. No software is entirely free of bugs or imperfections, even those with advanced technologies. Therefore, it is essential to have reliable ERP Solution providers who can offer assistance whenever issues arise, ensuring you are never left stranded or helpless. We observe that some vendors have subpar customer support systems. this leads to stressful and unproductive interactions with little to no results. Additionally, certain vendors may exhibit slow and bureaucratic response times. To ensure a smooth and seamless experience, it is imperative to opt for ERP Software providers with active, timely, and responsive customer support channels. This should include phone calls, emails, live chat, video meetings, or physical meetings.
  10. Responsive Interface:
    In today’s advanced age, using an ERP Solution that is restricted to specific devices is simply impractical. Therefore, it is crucial to select an ERP Software with a responsive interface that functions flawlessly on various devices, such as desktops, tablets, laptops, and even mobile phones (Android and iOS). Regardless of the device screen size, the software must adapt and function optimally. Thus preserving the overall layout, regardless of the device used.
  11. Stress-Free Integration with Other Software:
    The ERP solution chosen for your business should effortlessly integrate and synchronize with other software used within your organization. This means supporting integration with third-party applications seamlessly. Achieving a smooth flow of information and data across all business departments and existing software is vital. A fully integrated ERP Solution streamlines business processes, promoting productivity, increasing revenue, and significantly reducing downtime. Additionally, the ERP Solution should be designed to anticipate future integrations, ensuring seamless synchronization even as your business evolves.
  12. User-Friendly Interface:
    The primary advantage of using an ERP Software lies in its ability to enhance speed, efficiency, and productivity. Unfortunately, some ERP Solutions fall short of meeting this standard due to complex, cumbersome, and challenging user interfaces. It is essential to take advantage of free trials of ERP Software to determine if the user interface is intuitive. Also so as to know if it is streamlined and easy to navigate without causing undue stress. You should choose an ERP Software with a user-friendly interface that bridges the gap between users and the software. This ensures a convenient and productive user experience. You should opt for ERP software that is attractive, well-arranged, simple to understand. Opt for one with an intuitive features such as well-labelled buttons and quick loading times.
  13. The Cost of The ERP Software:
    We consider acquiring an ERP Software a long-term investment that requires a comprehensive understanding of all associated costs. These costs may include subscriptions, training, customization, emailing, SMS, additional users, and more. It is vital to thoroughly assess and document all cost-related questions before proceeding with your selection. Finding an ERP Solution that aligns with your budget and is sustainable is essential. Additionally, bear in mind that costs may vary due to factors such as currency inflation, price reviews, and future upgrades and additions.
  14. Take into Consideration Their Wealth of Experience and Business Lifespan:
    Choosing a new ERP Software demands careful consideration of all aspects to make the right decision. Assessing the vendor’s experience and business lifespan becomes crucial. Partnering with an ERP Software provider that demonstrates a long-term vision and plan for the product is essential. Look for vendors with a proven track record, reasonable years of experience, and established credibility. Prioritize ERP Software vendors in Nigeria who take pride in their experience and longevity.
  15. Robustly Scalable & Secure:
    As your business grows, you need an ERP Software that can scale to accommodate the increasing demands. A robust ERP Software should possess cloud resources and robust security measures to house and safeguard your rapidly expanding database. Ensuring your ERP Solution is equipped with these capabilities becomes critical during your search. Consider solutions like @carrotsuite ERP solutions, which offer scalability and security to support your business’s growth effectively.

As you incorporate these factors into your ERP Software selection process you will find a system that seamlessly integrates into your business and paves the way for greater efficiency and success. Remember, an ERP Software is not just an asset; it is a strategic tool that can significantly impact your business trajectory. Choosing the right ERP will empower your business to achieve new heights of productivity, customer satisfaction, return on investment, and overall impact in your sector. You can read up PROBLEMS COMPANIES FACE WITHOUT AN ERP SOFTWARE

In conclusion, for us, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an invaluable asset that can propel your business to new heights. However, it is not merely about getting any ERP Software; it is about selecting the right solution that aligns perfectly with your business needs and requirements. Choosing the best ERP Software for your Nigerian business ensures enhanced productivity, increased customer satisfaction, maximum return on investment, and groundbreaking impact within your business sector. With comprehensive solutions like ERP systems, your organization can experience smoother operations, unified information, automated processes, and improved insights into trends for better day-to-day operations and long-term planning.

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