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Digital Real Estate Operations: 20 Ways To Digitize Your Real Estate Operations

Real Estate businesses that are already embracing the digital age, are the ones securing and shaping their future. The digitization of a business, brings about a shift from traditional mode of management and operation to the modern and technology oriented ways of operation.

A proper digitization plan can help a business to reinvent processes and responses with clients on a personal level. Which improve quality and promote consistency.

Digitization will increase the security level in an organization’s information, due to its ability to manage access level, rights and security for all users. Each user will be able to have access anytime, and from where.

Moreover, the fact that your customers expect you to deliver products and services in a fast and efficient manner, can’t be avoided. But can be achieved through digitization.

Document digitization makes information retrieval lot easier. And, minimizing paper usage helps you run a more efficient business.

Many business owners understand the benefits of digitization but implementing and managing it is their challenge. The following are ways you can digitize your real estate operations:

digital real estate

1. Carrotsuite

Formally PPCT, is one of the most efficient platform you can digitize your Real Estate operations.  Carrotsuite is a cloud based management software used by all businesses, especially Real Estate and Property Management companies. It helps automate all businesses operations including your Real Estate and Property Management business, to make it run more efficiently with less paperwork.

Carrotsuite is a computerized system that facilitates the management of properties, personal asset, and equipment. All through a single central phase, it also manages processes such as maintenance, legalities and personnel.

2. ICT department

This is one of the departments within the administration support services. It provides professional and technical support services for the entire company and helps the company on any issue. Moreover, this department upgrades all the information for operating and supporting the organization’s IT infrastructure. It also enable business users to carry out their roles efficiently, productively and securely.

3. Provide adequate equipment for workers

Another way to digitize your real estate operations, is by providing necessary working tools like desktop computer or laptop, strong internet connection and a conducive environment. This will make the work processes easy and smooth for your employees. Thereby, putting stop to excuses to complains from them, on how work is stressful

4. Mandatory digitizing for employee

In other to achieve the success of digitizing, you have to make it mandatory for all your employees to work digitally. Because some employees are used to the manual way of working, adopting to digital ways of operations might be a bit new to them. So, you have to enforce the use of digital on them and set a disciplinary order for whosoever violate the rule.

5. Employ computer literates

To make digitizing successful in your business, you need to employ computer literates that can work independently on computer. But not those who have no knowledge of computer. Employing computer literates will make your business digitizing easy and smooth for a productive results.

6. Launch your website

Having a business website will increase the awareness of your business and make it easy for your potential customers to view your product and make their choices. This will save you the stress of trying to get them to see the product. Your business website should contain the required links to make your leads take actions.

7. Accepting digital payments

Introduction of cashless policy in Nigeria is a way of digitizing by accepting digital payments. This makes it easier for customers to do transactions without you. Moreover, if you are not accepting digital payments, you are losing sales. Because, it also helps in the reduction of theft, robbery and a lot of paper printout.


8. Up skill your employee

Employee have great part in an organization. If an organization is successful, it is the employees. If it fails, it is also the employees. Therefore, investing in corporate training can have enormous long-term benefits for you and your organization. In addition, you should enroll your employees on free or paid online course/training, to add more knowledge on their skill to work in digital environment. This will make them understand more about their job and help them deliver better.

9. Have a mobile app

Mobile has become increasingly important in the life of people. There are over 2 billion smartphone users all over the world who are communicating, searching for information and buying products. Having a business mobile app helps you speak directly to your customers with instant notifications, messages and offers. Which helps to increase productivity.

10. Own a blog

Educate your customers about your products. Write on their problems related to your product and how they can solve it. This is a form of building relationships between you, your leads and your customers. In your blog, you should write contents according to the sales funnel (bofu, mofu and tofu). This will ensure that every category of your sales funnel is carried along. Thereby, increasing your customers and sales growth.


11. Have a cloud-based back up

Cloud-based back up, also known as online backup, helps to store and secure all business data in the cloud. Storing your data in a computer system is risky. Since, it can get damaged or missing at the same time. However, storing your data on the cloud makes it easy for you to recovery your data when you lose it.

12. Practice what you preach

If you want to truly digitize your business, you must serve as a role model to your employee or subordinate. It is your responsibility to take the lead in doing what you want them to do and not give excuses about not doing it. If you digitize accordingly, your employee will do the same.   

13. Social Media

Social media provides tremendous benefits for property businesses. It allows your business to directly connect and interact with your customers through the modern method. Social media exposes businesses to the world and gives you the opportunity to know and meet your customers needs faster. Because, of the fact that your customers can interact with you directly.

14. Use Real-time intelligence

 Real time intelligence is a concept describing the process of delivering business intelligence (BI) or information about business operations as they occur. All business transactions are input in it as they occur and is used to maintain the current state of the organization.

Creating reports manually every time is stressful and time consuming. But, with software like propertycloudtech (carrotsuite), business reports are automatically generated and accessible by any approved organization authourity.

15. Integrate collaboration tools

Collaboration tools are used to support a group of people to accomplish a common goal. It is a valuable tool for any business that wants to increase efficiency and effectiveness. The use of collaboration tools helps to increase productivity and improve overall workflow. To digitize your real estate operations, integrating collaboration tools is another way.

16. Use Customer Relation Management system

This is a technology for managing all your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and leads. It uses the data analysis of the interaction history between the customer and the company to ultimately drive sales growth. Furthermore, it helps businesses stay connected to customers and streamline processes to increase profit.

CRM lets you store customer and prospect contact information, identify sales opportunities, record service issues, and manage marketing campaigns in one central location. It also provide access to all the information about your interactions with your customers.

17. Use schedule tools

Going digital means you must eradicate every means of using papers. One of the ways to do that is by using schedule tools. Using scheduling tool make your work easy and help you focus you focus on other important business operations. .There are many schedule tools out there to make your work easy.

No more late appointment or missed meeting, if you use a scheduling software. It will remind you about your appointments or meetings, who you can to meet, who you need to call etc.

18. Use Automation tools

Sending messages and documents manually to customers and leads is so traditional.  Use an automation tool to automatically send birthday messages, congratulatory messages, receipts, payment reminders, etc to your customers. It will not only make work easier, but also make your customers more responsive to you. Thereby, increasing your business growth.


19. Use a Human resource software

Human resources software will help you take care of your hr functions such as payroll, administration etc. This enables your human resources officers to focus on other issues including new hires and employee training strategies.

Using of an hr software in your real estate will help you reduce financial and document errors that may affect your business. Which in turns, increase your business productivity.

20. Use a Visitor Management System

Paper and pen form of storing your visitors documents should stop. Going digital means you have to let go of the traditional way of saving your visitor’s details to the modern way. The VMS will save your visitor’s document and give you access to it anytime anywhere.

Unlike the paper and pen system, where the paper can tear anytime or even go missing, VMS is cloud based and cannot be affected by any form of natural disaster. Which in turns, secure your company and give visitors the impression your company is up to date technologically, and which makes them more interested in your services. Thereby, increasing your sales growth.

In conclusion, digitizing your real estate operations will speed up your leads and sales growth, secure and your business future. Moreover, instead of using multiple softwares to digitalize your business, you can use just one; Carrotsuite. With carrotsuite, CRM, HRM, Accounting etc are in check.

Have you been engaging your real estate in digital operations? Share with us how it has been benefiting your business.

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