Church CRM Software

Carrotsuite is Church Management Software to digitize your church administration process

Membership Management

A digitized requisition management software that enables your team to get things done on time paperlessly.

Follow Up Systems Management

Follow up on members; setup automated follow up reminders. Assign new converts and 1st timers to counsellors for follow up


Track income per service, church category and church projects.

Attendance Tracking

Track membership attendance by service, church groups, cell meetings and more.

Requisition management software

Document Management

Upload all church documents and share with concerned parties or as a church documents repository.

Requisition Management

Digitize your requisition creation and approval process. Route requests for approval based on amount requested,

Accounting System​

Manage your vendors, track vendor balances, track your expenses, access your asset reports, financial reports and more.

Requisition software in Nigeria
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Completely digitize your church management system with Carrotsuite.

Carrotsuite is Church CRM software to power digitization and automation for important church processes like follow up, attendance tracking, membership management and more.

Members are automatically greeted with a customized SMS and an email notification on their special days such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries.

You are able to record and track members who were absent during any of your services, then easily assign them to a counselor to be followed up.

When members, 1st timers and new converts are assigned to be followed up; you can easily see those who were not followed up.

With Carrotsuite, your counselors can easily enter follow up reports for successful follow up exercises which you can review.

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Carrotsuite is a cloud ERP software built to help smart businesses leverage on the cloud to maximize their opportunities in a competitive marketplace.

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