Automate & Digitize your entire property business. Structure everything. Reduce your operating costs.

Streamline your entire business workflow
Property Management |HR |Accounting | CRM Sales & Marketing | Task Management |Team Collaboration

Property Management System That Actually Works

Property Overview & Reports

You are able to see all property reports; total units or plots, sold (partially and fully paid subscribers), available, etc. See status of all properties.

Property Allocation

Allocate property units or land to clients who have completed payment, opt to notify them. See your allocation list. Digitize your allocation clearance process.

Facility Management

Anyone can send & track maintenance or repair requests. Also track recurring facility payment statements for facility management purposes.

Sell & Manage Sales Very Easily

Manage Your Sales Pipeline

Create and manage your sales pipelines, your sales reps can log their prospects & update their deal status, log all their sales activity so you can track their sales activity.

Monthly Payment Schedule

Carrotsuite shows you all expected or upcoming payments from specific clients for the current month so you can follow them up & also for your planning purposes.

Set & Track Sales Targets

You can set & monitor sales targets for teams or individual sales reps, compare performance to set targets. Your sales reps can see their targets & performance when they log in.

Manage Client Relationships Pro-Actively

Manage By Payment Status

Easily in like 3 clicks you can get a shortlist of clients based on their payment status in any of your properties. E.g. Ongoing, Post sales, Allocated and Default clients.

Auto Payment Reminders

Auto invoice payment reminders, rent payment reminders are sent out (based on your settings;monthly or weekly). Auto payment e-receipts are sent for each receipt.

Client Login Portal

Clients to log in to see their invoices, receipts, make complaints, see all their documents and pictures you have shared specifically with them.

Client Payment Statements

Send clients their payment statements very easily. Export, print or send as email to any requesting client.

Digitilize Client Documents

You can scan & upload all your client docs so that you or your clients can access them at anytime & from anywhere. This is actually making digital backups of client docs.

Complete Client Bio-Data

Capture, store and access complete information about your customers. You can also add custom fields to capture additional information.

On-Point Accounting System

Recievables & Payables

Access comprehensive exportable reports on all your account receivables so you can take action. Likewise, you can see all your account payables; money owed to your vendors.

Expense Management & Reporting

Setup your expense accounts, record expenses, tag benefactor, cost centres, etc. View expense reports, by category, by branch & more

Management Reports

Generate all your management reports like income statement, balance sheet, cashflow, cash account reports and others from Carrotsuite.

Effective Document Management For The Entire Business

Automate Client Docs

Rather than manually producing your client docs, use Carrotsuite to automate them – create templates & Carrotsuite will automatically give you complete docs for any client.

Share Docs With Anyone

Upload your documents and share with any employees who should have access OR make it public for everyone to access.

Version Control

Carrotsuite doc. version control system allows anyone who already has access to any document to have automatic access to the latest version of that document as soon as it’s updated.

Manage Everything Effectively For Results

Manage Vendors

Manage vendors, upload their balances, see their outstanding bills and track all payments made to them.

Manage Marketers

Add marketers and track their sales, see their deal flow. On the marketers portal, they can log in to see their clients, sales & commissions earned.

Manage Rental Properties

Manage your tenants and utilities. Collect rents, service charges, see all vacant properties and soon to expire tenements.

See our software in action

See carrotsuite in action when you book a personal walkthrought with one of our product experts.

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